Our Story

Founded in 2019, our aim was to help deliver business and personal growth through leading and inspiring high performing individuals and teams. We do this through innovative approaches around what new propositions are brought to the market as well as how best to effectively and efficiently deliver these in an ever-changing business landscape.  We work with both small & large companies across FMCG, Vitamin & Supplement, and Food & Agricultural industries.

We believe that success is achieved when we make a meaningful contribution across the Business, the Workplace, and the People & Culture within; ultimately succeeding together as a team whilst adding value to society.  In today’s post-COVID world, helping keeping businesses alive and setting them up to thrive is what drives us.

Our area of expertise

We specialize in three areas to generate growth for our clients.


We help businesses drive growth (Top-Line revenue,  Market Share, Brand Equity, etc.) through bringing Ideation, Concept Development, Prototyping, and Consumer Testing together in a very streamlined and effective approach.

Business Transformation 

We help businesses drive increased margin & profit  through and end-to-end process approach that brings consumer value to the forefront, whilst exploring and exposing wasteful activities and opportunities for reduced costs. 

Core Strengths

We help businesses develop and articulate their business transformation strategy, align the different functions, and support these with effective routines to drive action, accountability and personal growth through coaching.

Our Values

  1. Authenticity; because we appreciate straight-forward and meaningful conversations
  2. Curiosity; because it helps better one-self, business, and society as a whole
  3. Collaboration; because individual contributions as a team is more impactful with greater personal enjoyment

My name is Mark Berdusco and I’m the Managing Director& Principal Consultant of Berdusco Consulting Group. 

I started my professional career initially believing that customers came first and foremost and that processes were established to make it easier for everyone. How wrong was I have now spent over 15 years across the Aviation, FMCG, Vitamins Minerals & Supplements, Food & Agriculture industries working with large multinational companies driving transformational change programs through putting customers first, reshaping end to end processes to deliver more value and realize savings, whilst bringing meaningful innovation to stagnant businesses across products, services, and solutions to help them actually grow in unique or novel ways.

I have a passion and skill in transforming ‘how’ things are done, but also in bringing context and innovation to ‘why’ people think and behave the way they do.  Natural curiosity, driven by a purpose to actually help businesses, teams, and people grow (and not just tell them) has led me to start my own business.

— Mark Berdusco

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